1. Ordering

    We are easy to work with. It is easy to place an order. All you need to do is visit the order page, select the options needed on your site, add notes in case non-standard solutions apply, specify your time-line, place an order and proceed to check-out.

    You will get a welcome email with your dashboard log in information.

    It all starts with your request
  2. Review

    After receiving your order, we carefully analyze it. In case we have questions, we will contact you with our suggestions and come up with the best solution. After everything is clarified, we confirm the time-line and the project budget in case extra features apply.

    We analyze your data
  3. Development

    Our professional team adheres to our best coding standards and puts into practice the latest techniques that allow to get a cross-browser compatible code that is easy to read, edit and extend.

    Developers code your designs
  4. QA

    When the first development stage is completed our QA team starts to test the product. They test every single element of the page, all the functionality required and cross-browser compatibility to ensure that all bugs are identified and fixed by developers during the testing process. When all the bugs are fixed, we test the project once again to make sure that the final product is ready and conforms to your requirements.

    Precise markup testing in all browsers
    on Mac and PC
  5. Delivery

    When the project is past its testing stage, we archive it and attach it into the order thread in your dashboard.

    Voila !
    You receive valid markup